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School and Nursery Sessions

At Musical StoryBox we know and understand the importance of instilling that ‘life-long love of reading’ and the way in which reading stories from an early age supports language development and enriches vocabulary. Our use of music and live performances adds depth of meaning to our stories and engages children and adults alike. Live music also initiates an emotional response supporting with self-expression and communication.


Musical StoryBox school and nursery sessions bring a story to life through music and sensory play. We use a mix of quality recorded (often classical) music as well as live music including the piano, cello and even ukulele. Our music is thoughtfully chosen to support the storytelling process and all children are encouraged to use a range of untuned instruments as well as their voices to join in some of our original songs! Our array of play-based props and resources add to bringing the story to life!.

Musical StoryBox is a great way to promote reading, stories, music and the arts across your school. It helps to instil a love of reading, would make an engaging start or end to a new topic and perfect for Book Week/Arts Week and many more. Melissa is a qualified primary school teacher with over 15 years experience and Katie, a classically trained musician for over 20 years. Together they have the skills and expertise to tailor each session to your school or nursery needs. Enquire about our half day and full day packages.

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"We absolutely LOVE StoryBox Live! The session was fun, engaging, educational and the absolute highest of standards. The children loved learning the Giraffe's Can't Dance song and then took this enthusiasm home to share with their families. The pitch of the session was perfect amd teachers agreed this was the best experience we have had in school for our children in Early Years. Katie and Melissa are extremely talented professionals who the children instantly warmed to. The inclusiveness of the sessions allowed all children to participate and thrive. Thank you very much StoryBox Live, we will be welcoming you back into our school very soon!" The Epiphany School, Bournemouth

"StoryBox is possibly the best workshop we have every had at Stourfield Infant School, we can't wait to have them in again! StoryBox is the definition of awe and wonder in schools, our children got so much out of their sessions. Children were able to bring stories to life with music and movement, using lovely props. Even months later, our children and staff are still talking about the day StoryBox came in. The skilled StoryBox staff were able to bring stories to life in a fun, creative and accessible way. Thank you for our magical day!" Stourfield Infant School, Bournemouth

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